What about the ‘big companies’ like Quickbooks Live, Pilot or Bench?

You may be considering QuickBooks Live, Pilot.com, or Bench.com for your bookkeeping needs. However, it’s important to understand their shortcomings before making a decision.

QuickBooks Live has received criticism for its lack of transparency and communication with customers. One customer complained, “I have to call them multiple times to get updates on my books, and they don’t even do them correctly the first time.” Another common complaint is the high cost of the service, which can be prohibitive for some small businesses.

Pilot.com has been praised for its user-friendly interface, but some customers have reported issues with customer service. One customer stated, “Their customer service is terrible. I had a question about my books and it took them days to respond. I had to keep following up with them.” Additionally, some customers have reported errors in their financial statements, which can be a major issue for small businesses.

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